H. Dargiewicz
The first steps to experimental work and grow tulipbulbs in Poland were done by Prof. S. Wóycicki in 1936. The first plantation was situated near Torun. Obtained results were rather positive.

After the Second World War the experimental work was carried out again, first at the Institute of Acclimatization and Plant Breeding at Pulavy, than at the Institute of Soil Fertilizing, and at Breeding Stations belonging to ZNOS/CNOS. In 1951–'58 flowerbulb plantations were established, especially tulips, daffodils and crocusses, also gladiolus. Plantations were located in the northern, southern, central and western part of Poland.

At the same time some new experiments were carried out connected with:

  1. Climate conditions for growing flowerbulbs in Poland.
  2. Problems of: soil, water, mulching, fertilizing in growing flowerbulbs in Poland.

From 1951 breeding experiments with tulips and gladioluses are carried out.

Dargiewicz, H. (1971). BULB GROWING IN POLAND. Acta Hortic. 23, 385-388
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1971.23.63

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