A. Slobbe
1.Market orientation and feasability research Ideas for neuw products arise from visits to foreign markets and production areas, studying technical journals and contacts with breeding firms.

Feasibity research (market and cultural research) is done in collaboration with the experimental station. If cultural research takes place on the market garden, this is supported by a quarantee arrangement. At the same time C.B.T., if necessary, draws concept-regulations concerning quality, grading and packaging. This is done in consultation with P.G.F. (interprofessional organisation) and K.C.B. (Quality Control Bureau).

At the end of the season an evaluation takes place with the people concerned, the grower's association N.T.S. In many cases breeding firms are consulted as well.

Slobbe, A. (1989). PRODUCT INTRODUCTION MODEL. Acta Hortic. 242, 83-86
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.242.10

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