L.T. Macalister
As the Industries Assistance Commission inquiry into the Vegetable Industry concluded in their February 1986 report to the Australian government, "The physical expansion of domestic consumption of vegetables is limited by population growth. Thus, there appears to be only two ways in which the industry can grow - by increasing exports, or by adding more value to vegetable products, through either processing or by achieving higher quality."

With the exception of Western Australia, the vegetable industry in Australia has by and large focused on the Australian domestic market rather than overseas.

In more recent times there have been sectors of the industry, in particular the Tasmanian onion industry and the Victorian asparagus industry, which has achieved successful sales in several overseas markets.

AUSTRADE developed a strategy for export for the fresh fruit and vegetable industries in 1986. In this strategy opportunities for fresh vegetables in overseas markets have been identified and obstacles to this trade have been highlighted.

Since 1984/85, the export of fresh vegetables from Australia has expanded from $A32.9 million to $A60.3 million and further growth to $A70.0 million is predicted for 1987/88.

The opportunities, limitations and impediments to further development of fresh exports and increased domestic consumption are explored.

Macalister, L.T. (1989). MARKETING STRATEGIES FOR THE VEGETABLE INDUSTRY. Acta Hortic. 247, 25-30
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.247.1

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