S.N. Ledger, V.N. Meurant, J.L. Lovatt, J.E. Maltby
Studies of tomato marketing have been conducted in Brisbane and Sydney to identify gains to be made in post-harvest handling and marketing of tomatoes from Queensland. Twenty-two wholesalers, 3 retail chain buyers and 18 retailers were interviewed. The studies highlighted the different requirements of the various buyer segments.

Fifteen recommendations have subsequently been made to growers; these include - developing an industry standard for colour grading; amending the Grading and Packing Regulations to reduce the size variation (60–80 mm) within the medium size grade; pre-sort pallets for quality, size and colour, prior to consigning; involve wholesalers and retailers in drafting grading and packing regulations; conduct market research into the purchase requirements of the different buyer segments.

Ledger, S.N., Meurant, V.N., Lovatt, J.L. and Maltby, J.E. (1989). TOMATO MARKETING IN BRISBANE AND SYDNEY. Acta Hortic. 247, 295-298
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.247.57

Acta Horticulturae