S. Fritz
I have been asked to present a paper on the consumer's perceptions of organic foods and the vegetable industry. Before I do that I think it's worth while to briefly provide an introduction to NASAA; and a definition of the terms sustainable and organic so that we will mutually understand what I am referring to when I use these terms.

First, NASAA stands for The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia Ltd. We are a coalition of about 25 organisations involved with organic or similar sustainable growing methods. We have been working together since 1984 and formally inaugurated in March 1986.

The structure of NASAA includes six State Councils as well as Associate Members, including both individuals and organisations.

NASAA's aim is to promote sustainable agriculture. Our two principle activities include the development and administration of standards and a certification system; and information supply.

Fritz, S. (1989). ORGANIC FOODS AND THE VEGETABLE INDUSTRY. Acta Hortic. 247, 397-402
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.247.76

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