A. Göhler
Expert systems offer the possibility to implementate knowledge into practice in form of a computer program in order to support the user in decision making (Picture 1). A wide range of knowledge can be used. A system which offers this knowledge should be well structured and documented in order to facilitate modification. It should enable the user to run the system without a handbook. Moreover the user gets explication about the way of problem solving, the system has used (Picture 2). The users of the system will be the extension service and the growers. The knowledge base involves scientists', advisors' and growers' knowledge (Picture 3). We use to represent knowledge in two different ways, arithmetical or logical. Arithmetical representation of knowledge could be for example a plant growth model. Logical representation could be a scheme for diagnosis of nutritional disorders (Picture 5). By using these ways of representation the knowledge of cucumber cultivation can be structured in different ways, for instance
  • the phases of cucumber cultivation: planning (before cultivation), the young plant, after planting (before yield), the phase of yield, after cultivation
  • the subjects: plant nutrition, pest control, temperature control, material, work capacity, economy (Picture 4).

The first part in developing the system will be the subject plant nutrition. It ist divided in a "reference - book", planning of the fertilization and diagnosis of nutritional disorders. The planning of fertilization is further on divided into cultivation in soil (fertilization after sowing or potting, preparing of the soil before planting, fertilization after planting in consideration to soil analysis) and cultivation in rockwool (composition of minerals in different ages of the plant, and nutrient solutions in consideration to analysis) (Picture 7).

A test in practice, to get critical responses and to improve the system will follow soon (Picture 8). Successive the subjects will be realized. The tests will show the value of an Expert System for practice.

Göhler, A. (1989). EXPERT SYSTEM CUCUMBER. Acta Hortic. 248, 453-458
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.248.57

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