G. Goffings, M. Herregods
The quality of leek can be strongly influenced by weather conditions. During frost periods this quality can decrease quickly and even leek can be get lost totally. Also the commercial storage of leek during wintertime in coolrooms is very recommanded. Under normal air conditions leek can be stored during 3–4 weeks at 0°C and 90–95 % R.H.; at -1°C the storage period will be extended a few days, but the leek should be defrosted before handling.

Mould attack, eg. Botrytis porri, is the most important reason of quality loss during storage (Hoftun, 1978 and Tahvonen, 1980). While the development of a lot of moulds is clearly reduced by decreasing O2-level, by increasingCO2-level and by adding 5–10 % CO to this modified atmosphere, (El-Goorani et al, 1979 and A.A. Kader et al, 1978) research has been made on the possibility to extend storagelife of leek by storage at 0°C, 90–95 % R.H. and 2 % O2, 2 % CO2 and 91 % N2.

Goffings, G. and Herregods, M. (1989). STORAGE OF LEEKS UNDER CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERES. Acta Hortic. 258, 481-484
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.258.53

Acta Horticulturae