J. L. Jordan, Robert L. Shewfelt, Joseph C. Garner, J. N. Variyam
The purpose of this study was to:
  1. Estimate the value of the internal quality characteristics of peaches to consumers at the retail level, and;
  2. Explore the relationship between peach aroma and flavor, and the use of aroma as a quality characteristic measurable at the retail outlet.

A hedonic price function was developed which assigned a monetary value to quality characteristics of peaches purchased in commercial markets of Atlanta, Georgia in 1989.

A combination of six supermarket and roadside markets were surveyed for fresh peaches during six weeks of the fresh peach season in Georgia (early May to late July). Peaches were selected at random from the display shelf of each market and prices were collected at each sampling point. On the day of purchase, after storage at 20° C for two days, quality measurements were taken, including size (weight), color (average color), firmness, aroma, and defects. A consumer sensory panel was also formed to evaluate the peaches for purchase quality characteristics, including aroma and flavor.

Jordan, J. L., Shewfelt, Robert L., Garner, Joseph C. and Variyam, J. N. (1990). ESTIMATING THE VALUE OF INTERNAL QUALITY ASPECTS TO CONSUMERS. Acta Hortic. 259, 139-144
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1990.259.11