R. M. Rudnicki, Danuta M. Goszczynska, Tomasz R. Pisulewski
This study was designed to determine the effect of wet and dry storage methods on subsequent quality and longevity of 4 spray carnation cultivars. Wet storage (4°C for 2 weeks) of spray carnation cultivars White Lily Ann and Olenka, cut at the immature stage (first bud with petals emerging 0.5 cm from the calyx), markedly improved flower keeping quality when flowers were kept in a solution containing 200 mg/l HQC, 50 mg/l AgNO3 and 50 g/l sucrose, as compared to the water control. The best flower quality was achieved when preservative solution (200 mg/l HQC + 50 g/l sucrose) was used as a continuous treatment following storage, regardless of treatment used during wet storage.

The effects of the dry storage method at 0–1°C in tightly sealed polyethylene bags were examined on Red Ivette and Sancho cvs. Carnations were treated with Rovral 0.1% and conditioned overnight in a solution containing 550 mg/l STS and 100 g/l sucrose. Results obtained show large differences between cultivars and between stage of bud development in the keeping quality of flowers after storage. Carnations 'Red Ivette' and 'Sancho' stored dry at the tight bud stage (the first bud mature, petals not visible) and opened after storage, maintained very good quality and longevity, after storage for a period of 3 and 1 month respectively.

Rudnicki, R. M., Goszczynska, Danuta M. and Pisulewski, Tomasz R. (1989). BUD OPENING AND LONG TERM STORAGE OF SPRAY CARNATIONS. Acta Hortic. 261, 265-270
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.261.34

Acta Horticulturae