H. Verlodt, A. Mougou
Passif solar heating with big polyethylene sleeves has been tested with individual or twinned sleeves of 32 cm of diameter when filled up with water and with 50 cm of large when unfilled.

The efficiency of this captor is linked to solar radiation which limits the use of this captor on young, small developed plants during the winter period.

The emission coefficient is lower in twinned sleeves (6W/m2.°C) than in individual sleeves (7–8 W/m2.°C), while the energy delivery is situated between 25–40 W/m2 for 4 individual sleeves, and between 40–60 W/m2 for 8 twinned ones. Best results are obtained with as much sleeves as possible in the greenhouse. In order to enhance difficulties under classic furrow irrigated greenhouses, sleeves should be displayed as much as possible near the both borders of the greenhouse, where they receive also a good luminosity.

Verlodt, H. and Mougou, A. (1990). APPROCHE SUR LE CHAUFFAGE SOLAIRE PASSIF DES SERRES. Acta Hortic. 263, 139-150
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1990.263.13

Acta Horticulturae