Dr. Choukr-Allah Redouane
The pressure of increased competition within the Mediterranean countries and import restrictions imposed by the EEC has intensified the development of the plastic greenhouse industry of Morocco. This new technology has increased Moroccan exports because of: 1) increased yield/area; 2) increased quality; 3) production stability; and 4) increased earliness.

There are a number of special problems that affect the greenhouse industry. These include water quality, particularly salinity, special root disease, particularly nematodes, and a number of foliage diseases such as mildew caused by high humidity. Irrigation management has been a problem but the new trickle irrigation system is very successful where well managed. Nutrition problems have not been severe except for magnesium deficiency in cucurbits during the coolest months, but most growers tend to over use chemical fertilizers despite their high cost. There is a need for crop diversification because the present reliance on tomato causes extreme variations in returns from year to year as a result of severe price fluctuation. In the last 6 years, planting of banana in special controlled plastic greenhouses has increased from 5 to 1,300 ha and all imports are excluded. Nematodes are presently the most severe problem.

Choukr-Allah Redouane, Dr. (1990). PROBLEMS OF GREENHOUSE WINTER PRODUCTION IN MOROCCO. Acta Hortic. 263, 39-46
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1990.263.3

Acta Horticulturae