M. G. Beech, David W. Simpson
The British strawberry industry has expanded rapidly over the last decade and now represents a substantial component of UK fruit production. Output has increased through the introduction of new varieties and growing systems which have improved productivity and fruit quality. These, together with emphasis on quality control, cool chain marketing and point-of-sale promotion have helped to increase sales of fresh fruit. The increasing availability of imported fruits and greater production from UK-grown everbearing strawberries has convinced the consumer that strawberries are now available from January to October instead of just a six-to-eight week period in June and July.

Total area (table 1) has decreased slightly over the last decade to 6568 hectares (MAFF, 1988). During the same period gross production has remained static at about 57 000 tonnes though output value has increased to £61 million. The introduction of new varieties and growing systems, particularly for the fresh fruit sector of the industry, has increased average yields to 8.6 tonnes per hectare (an increase of 11.6% since 1978) and it is anticipated that productivity per unit area will continue to improve.

Strawberry growing in the UK can be divided into three distinct sectors comprising dessert, pick-your-own and processing strawberries.

Beech, M. G. and Simpson, David W. (1989). STRAWBERRY PRODUCTION IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. Acta Hortic. 265, 693-696
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.265.107

Acta Horticulturae