M.J. Hennerty
Commercial strawberry production in Ireland began just over 50 years ago. Until 1932 Irish strawberry requirements were almost entirely met by imports of fresh fruit from the U.K. and of the fruit pulp from Holland. The imposition of duties on horticultural imports, both fresh and processed, in 1932 stimulated the emergence of a native industry. By 1939 the first strawberry growing area had developed around Dublin on the east coast, with over 100ha planted (Sherrard, 1939). After the out break of war in 1939 supplies of fruit from abroad were cut off completely and a second pro duction region developed around Wexford in the south-east. This area had less than 3 ha of strawberries in 1940, which grew to 336 ha within 20 years (Turner, 1960). Since then strawberry production has spread to almost all parts of the country, but remains concentrated in the Dublin and Wexford regions. In 1956 the first Irish strawberries were exported to a processing firm in the U.K. (Robinson, 1983). Ireland is now a net exporter of strawberries, but total production represents less than 1% of E.E.C. output.
Hennerty, M.J. (1989). STRAWBERRY PRODUCTION IN IRELAND. Acta Hortic. 265, 707-710
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.265.111

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