D. Lamberts, E. Schrevens, L. Lettani, A. Ver Berne
A relatively high KCl supply at the end of the vegetation period, positively influences performance of long stored strawberry plants at - 2°C. A high substitution of SO42- by C1- in nutrient solution did not effect plant development. Analysis of plant sap shows a high correlation between supply and uptake of chlorides,with an antagonistic effect on other anions and a synergistic one on cations, no influence on pH, a positive effect on electrical conductivity and a negative effect on freezing point. After two months storage at - 2° C and planting in nutrient film, weight of KCl treated plants was higher; C1- content of older leaves was high, but in young leaves C1- content was at normal levels; fruit production was not significantly affected.
Lamberts, D., Schrevens, E., Lettani, L. and Ver Berne, A. (1989). CHLORIDE EFFECTS ON STRAWBERRY. Acta Hortic. 265, 285-290
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.265.42

Acta Horticulturae