J.D. Hughes, M.G. Beech
June Yellows is a degenerative phenomenon affecting strawberries throughout the world. The condition, a sometimes fatal variegation which ranges from a mild chlorosis to a severe white streaking, has resulted in the loss of breeding material as well as commercial cultivars e.g. Auchincruive Climax.

June Yellows has been reported from at least ten countries and in 73 strawberry cultivars. The cause is not known. Many hypotheses have been suggested but there is no conclusive evidence to implicate a pathogenic agent, nutritional imbalance, physiological or genetic causes.

Several research projects have recently been initiated in England and Scotland to determine the cause of June Yellows and to develop a suitable diagnostic test for predicting it. June Yellows affects many cultivars and is of importance to both strawberry growers and breeders. Unless some indication of the cause is found, June Yellows may severely affect future breeding programmes and cause the decline of popular strawberry cultivars.

Hughes, J.D. and Beech, M.G. (1989). STRAWBERRY JUNE YELLOWS. Acta Hortic. 265, 599-600
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1989.265.90

Acta Horticulturae