P. Fiorino
The Author attempts to organize "Orchard Management" through the needs and operations to be applied to sub-systems (roots and canopy/environment, canopy/man). There is a lack of information and research studies for roots and so we accept references from other species; the importance of such a gap has to be underlined considering the repercussions on the improvement of irrigation and fertilization systems. Further information is available from examining the canopy/environment sub-system and the constraints that arise when the sub-system is used in agronomic choices which are influenced by socio-economic conditions. Already tried techniques are being reconsidered for the purpose of pruning and in general for new olive-groves with distances of plantation, growth model and pruning systems (including rejuvenation) in equilibria (unstable) with a tendency towards different harvesting systems and with regard to the costs and the specialization of intervention on the plant. Of the other agronomical techniques foliar analysis is evaluated, above all, to show the interpretative limits and to stimulate investigation.
Fiorino, P. (1990). ORCHARD MANAGEMENT. Acta Hortic. 286, 231-246
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1990.286.48

Acta Horticulturae