S.R. Dohare, M. Shafi, U.S. Kaicker
A method for the propagation of Rosa hybrida cv. super star was developped during the years 1989–1990.

Auxillary buds collected from the middle of actively growing branches of the cv. Super Star proliferated multiple shoots on MS medium supplemented with 2 mg/litre BAP, 0.1 mg/litre NAA and 0.5 mg/litre GA3. A 5-fold multiplication was obtained after six weeks of culture. In vitro proliferated shoots were separated and elongated on MS medium containing GA3 0.5 mg/litre. Roots were obtained from 85 per cent of these shoots within 7–10 days after transfer to MS medium supplemented with 0.5 mg/litre IDA.Cultures were incubated in 16 hours photoperiod and at a constant temperature of 21° C. Regenerated plants were acclimated and successfully transferred to soil after 20 days.

Rooting ability of microshoots in vivo was successfully tested. Microcuttings measuring 2.0 cm were grown in vermiculite, after treating with IBA 10 mg/litre, under high humidity. Roots appeared within 7–10 days and after 15 days 85 per cent of the shoots were growing and had attained a height of about 4 cm.

Dohare, S.R., Shafi, M. and Kaicker, U.S. (1991). MICROPROPAGATION IN ROSES. Acta Hortic. 289, 107-108
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1991.289.17

Acta Horticulturae