E.A. Zandvoort, D.P. Holdgate
Mechanisation and finally automation is considered the route for reducing costs and labour intensity in the tissue culture industry, securing an expansion of the market potential. Three different approaches to mechanisation can be distinguished: mechanisation of conventional tissue culture procedures, development of liquid media procedures to facilitate mechanisation and development of alternative culture systems.

Except for media preparation, mechanisation is still in an experimental phase, major problems for mechanisation of conventional systems being the variability of the cultures, the high costs involved in developing software, and high capital input required to change the total culturing regime and facility to fit a mechanised system. The funding of such high development costs and a continuing need for expensive growth room facilities are likely to limit the overall reduction in costs. Mechanisation of alternative systems are anticipated to lead to significant reductions in production costs, a lack of knowledge of the biological control being the limiting factor for application of these systems.

Zandvoort, E.A. and Holdgate, D.P. (1991). MECHANISATION IN TISSUE CULTURE SYSTEMS. Acta Hortic. 289, 203-212
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1991.289.48

Acta Horticulturae