W.M. van der Krieken, H. Breteler, M.H.M. Visser
Indolebutyric acid-induced root formation was studied in shoots and in thin stem slices (disks) of apple rootstock cv. Jork. The medium concentration of IBA required for maximum root formation on disks was ca 3 μM, while shoots required 10–30 μM. The endogenous concentration of the physiologically active free acid was similar in both cases, but the optimum incubation time was much shorter for disks.

mRNAs were extracted from disks after a few days incubation under optimum conditions for root formation. The corresponding cDNA library was screened against non-rhizogenic stem disks of apple and various cDNA clones specific for one or more of the processes leading to the formation of roots were isolated.

van der Krieken, W.M., Breteler, H. and Visser, M.H.M. (1991). INDOLEBUTYRIC ACID-INDUCED ROOT FORMATION IN APPLE TISSUE CULTURE.. Acta Hortic. 289, 343-344
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1991.289.87
Auxin metabolism, auxin uptake, cDNA library, Malus domestica, recalcitrane, tissue culture

Acta Horticulturae