H.K. Krijgsman, J.A.H. Nicholson
There is now a trend towards the evolution of larger-scale enterprises in the horticultural industries throughout Europe. Through studying the possible applications of management techniques used in other industries to the larger horticultural firms, each of the authors of this paper has become interested in Management by Objectives. MBO is now a fashionable approach to management in manufacturing industries, in commerce, and in public administration and government. It is in vogue in the U.S.A. and Western Europe.

Thus it seems appropriate to give some account of MBO at this seminar, and to examine its relevance to horticultural businesses. Most experience in horticulture so far seems to have been gained in relatively large organisations. For instance, there is a programme of MBO within one such company in the United Kingdom which has an international reputation and business, as a specialist propagator of plant materials for glasshouse flower crops.

The adoption of MBO by such a complex and progressive corporate organisation should not be taken to mean that it is too sophisticated for widespread application in a primary industry such as horticulture, where there is still a preponderance of small firms. It may well be that MBO can most benefit

Krijgsman, H.K. and Nicholson, J.A.H. (1973). MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES-A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO BUSINESS PROBLEMS. Acta Hortic. 28, 17-42
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1973.28.2