E. Makosz
Growing of apple and plum orchards in the Podkarpacie region was started some 140 years ago. Thanks to very favourable natural conditions fruit-growing has developed very dynamically; at present it takes the second place in agricultural production of the region next to raising of cattle. In the recent years beside plum and apple orchards, the area of berry-crops also has grown considerably.

As in the other parts of this country, in the Podkarpacie region these were small farms which were engaged in fruit-growing, treating the proceeds from the sale of fruits as an additional source of income. Up to 1965 only in a few farms fruit-growing constituted the main line of production.

In the recent years enormous changes in technology of fruit-farming have taken place. It has been proved that an increase in investment outlays and in the outlays for cultivation of orchards and berry-patches brings about considerable economic advantages. Changes in the technology of production should be accompanied by changes in organization of a farm. Intensification of fruit-growing production makes specialization necessary. As a result, in many farms fruit-growing has become the main and the sole line of production.

If fruit-growing is the only line of production, then the proceeds from the sale of fruits have to cover the needs of the farmer's family and the investment requirements with the aim of further development of the farm. In spite

Makosz, E. (1973). FRUIT-GROWING FARMS OF THE PODKARPACIE REGION. Acta Hortic. 28, 85-114
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1973.28.6