V. Simonic
The cultivation of grapes for wine production demands much labour during the whole year. However the process of gathering becomes a more intensive problem because this labour has to be done during the most favorable period of time, which is very short. That is why grape gathering demands a great number of workers.

Each missing of the "peak" period has far-reaching consequences and influences greatly the economic results of production. That is one of many problems which has afflicted wine-growers probably from the very beginnings. It especially effects large plantations.

Increasing attention has been applied to the organization of the wine-grape gathering to make it more efficient. It depends upon good organization whether the harvest will be performed in time, which again has an influence of the quantity and quality of grapes for wine production. Expressing it in the language of economics, a bad organization of grape gathering increases the costs of production, while bad quality decreases the income of the vineyard enterprise.

Owing greatly to the fact that the plantations are as a rule connected to the wine production enterprises, we can determine the effect of the production only when we get the final products-wine and brandy.

In other words, it may happen that a wine-grape production unit works with a negative financial effect, which can be lessened or avoided only by

Simonic, V. (1973). A WORK STUDY TO PERFORM WINE-GRAPE GATHERING. Acta Hortic. 28, 115-181
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1973.28.7