M. Forrest
Few recommendations for post-harvest treatment of cut foliage species are available in the literature. Preliminary trials have assessed the influence of cold storage and the use of floral preservatives on the vase life of several Eucalyptus species in cultivation at University College Dublin. Results to date indicate that Eucalyptus can be wet stored or dry stored for four weeks at 5° C without damage to the foliage. Foliage stored for two weeks and four weeks had a vase life of 31–59 days and 32–69 days respectively, when held in an unheated glasshouse (temperature range of 3.4° C to 6.2° C) during the low radiation months of November and December. Pulsing with Silver Thiosulphate (STS) or 8-Hydroxy-quinoline citrate (HQC) did not appear to lengthen the vase life of Eucalyptus gunnii. Of the six Eucalyptus species examined, E. gunnii showed most potential as cut foliage material. In all experiments senesence was determined visually and symptoms of wilting of young foliage, discolouration of older leaves and leaf drop were observed.
Forrest, M. (1991). POST-HARVEST TREATMENT OF CUT FOLIAGE. Acta Hortic. 298, 255-262
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1991.298.30

Acta Horticulturae