V. Nielsen
The planning of a greenhouse nursery starts with the acquirement of a suitable area. Subsequently, the plan of the site must be worked out. Simultaneously, with working out the plan of the site the nursery must decide which type of greenhouse it intends to use. The standardisation of greenhouses in Denmark has now reached quite an advanced stage. We have 6 – 12 – 16 and 20 meter wide standard types. The last type of house is the cheapest, both to construct and to heat, but for reasons of daylight far more detached 12 meter houses than block houses are built.

The construction of the greenhouse is a rather stable standardised production. One of the next changes will perhaps consist of the wooden rafters being replaced by steel or light alloy.

At the planning of the heating installations it must also be taken into consideration that the running of the plants must be just as economic in all stages of the development of the nursery. This condition is now facilitated in that automatic heating by means of oil heating is applied everywhere and single greenhouses are provided with individual automatic regulation. The development of secondary working plants such as rooms for boilers, storage, heat treatment, tools, workers, etc. is an aspect of the planning which, until now, has been strongly neglected. We have to some degree been able to standardise the boiler rooms. It is a difficult task to find a practicable standard and to profit by the modern technique of the prefabricated buildings.

Nielsen, V. (1965). PLANUNG VON GEWÄCHSHAUSANLAGEN. Acta Hortic. 2, 33-38
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1965.2.5