O. Ruthner
In my continuous culture method the complete culture takes place as a continuous productionline. In contrast with the traditional, two-dimensioned cropping surface a three-dimensioned one is used.

An exact determination of the optimal growing-conditions gives the base for the automatical controlling system (punchcard system) for the holding. Therefore I developed a special measuring equipment (e.g. Phytocyclon).

As an intermediate between the normal glasshouse and the continuous production line a tower glasshouse can be used as well for the propagating of crops (50 m2) as for the growing of crops up to several thousands of m2. Except advantages regarding heating, illumination, ventilation and the use of hydroponics etc., the tower glasshouse enables the saving of labour.

Ruthner, O. (1965). KONTINUIERLICHE GEWÄCHSHAUSANLAGEN. Acta Hortic. 2, 55-57
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1965.2.8