E. Kaven, W. Matzke
High costs of material have been a prohibitive factor for a wide acceptance of aluminium greenhouses in this country. Extensive greenhouse ranges have been erected in the New Reserve-garten of both the Federal Gardens Administration (Bundesgartenverwaltung) in Schönbrunn-Vienna, and of the City of Vienna.

Construction: Standard types have not yet been developed in Austria. The present greenhouses comprise a great variety in size and construction, including large clear span houses.

Experience: Light weight combined with high stability and a corrosion resistant surface of aluminium alloy present some decisive advantages with regard to construction and management, plant growth and plant hygiene. Among the few disadvantages condensation presents a certain problem.

Future aspects: The up-to-date experience with aluminium greenhouses in some public plants opens new aspects for a wide acceptance of aluminium alloy construction for commercial growers in Austria.

Kaven, E. and Matzke, W. (1965). DAS ALUMINIUM-GEWÄCHSHAUS IN ÖSTERREICH. Acta Hortic. 2, 58-60
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1965.2.9