G. Neuray
Rather little is known about the ecological conditions of bud formation in Cyclamen persicum. Previous work of Kenneth Post (1949) shows that Cyclamen is indifferent to photoperiodism. Nevertheless, in certain periods of the year, especially in autumn and winter, a lot of buds is formed together as if a specific phenomenon were responsible of their initiation. Hagemann (1959) stated that Cyclamen persicum is a short-day plant.

Maatsch and Kaever (1957) demonstrated that a temperature between 20–22°C during the young stages of growth has a positive influence upon the time of flowering, which means that temperature influences bud formation or the rate of growth of the peduncles. It seems to us that light, light intensity and day length could be also concerned, so it is not sure that Cyclamen is a short-day plant. This paper gives the first results of investigations in this direction.

Neuray, G. (1973). BUD FORMATION IN CYCLAMEN PERSICUM. Acta Hortic. 31, 77-80
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1973.31.9

Acta Horticulturae