P. Barnola, C. Parmentier, S. Ricaud, B. Alaoui Sosse, J.D. Viémont, F. Beaujard, S. Lavarenne, J. Crabbé
The relationships between rhythms and morphogenesis are examined. The characteristics of dormancy, exogenous rhythms, typical or atypical endogenous rhythms are described. Temperature influence and gibberellins injection modify the carbonhydrate metabolism. Endogenous rythmic growth of woody plants depends on a serie of correlations at long or short distance. For correlations at long distance, carbonhydrate metabolism is concerned, while short distance, correlations are located at the typical level, partly in the bud.
Barnola, P., Parmentier, C., Ricaud, S., Alaoui Sosse, B., Viémont, J.D., Beaujard, F., Lavarenne, S. and Crabbé, J. (1992). RYTHMES DE CROISSANCE ET MORPHOGENESE. Acta Hortic. 320, 157-166
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1992.320.21
Woody Plants, Rhythms, Growth, Dormancy, Carbonhydrates, Morphogenesis

Acta Horticulturae