F. Daguin, E. Guyot, A.-C. Cavan, R. Letouzé
In vitro micropropagation of Mahonia was attempted for clones of the following cultivars : M. japonica 'Wintersun', M aquifolium 'Apollo' and M. aquifolium 'Undulata'. The inititiation of in vitro strains was obtained for the three clones and the work allowed to achieve all the stages of regeneration through direct organogenesis in the case of 'Wintersun' and 'Apollo'. Multiplication rates were (every 50 days) : 2.9 for 'wintersun', 1.7 for 'Apollo' and 1.3 in the case of 'Undulata'. For the two first clones, successful acclimatization of unrooted plantlets was realized. Post vitro rooting was obtained within six weeks in greenhouse. More than 35000 plants have been already produced. Best conditions of in vitro multiplication stage are now searched for 'Apollo' and 'Undulata'.
Daguin, F., Guyot, E., Cavan, A.-C. and Letouzé, R. (1992). MICROPROPAGATION OF THREE MAHONIA CLONES. Acta Hortic. 320, 193-198
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1992.320.25

Acta Horticulturae