A.S. Dhatt, G.P.S. Grewal, B.S. Chahil, D.S. Dhillon
Studies on the removal of nutrients (NPK) by fruits of Kinnow, a mandarin (Citrus nobilis x C. deliciosa) revealed that the seed had the maximum and the juice minimum NPK concentration on fresh weight basis. The whole Kinnow fruit contained 0.24% N, 0.027% P and 0.197% K. The one ton Kinnow fruit is estimated to remove 0.24 kg N, 0.27 kg P and 1.97 kg K from the soil annually which works out to be 96.0 kg of N, 10.8 kg of P and 78.8 kg of N ha-1 as a yield of 40 tons ha-1 is common in Kinnow under Punjab conditions. The ber (Zizyhus mauritiana Lamk.) fruit contained 0.071% N, 0.017% P and 0.015% K on fresh weight basis. The pruning wood of ber had 0.014% N, 0.08% P and 0.28% K. Annual removal by fruit is estimated to be 25.56 kg N, 6.12 kg P and 54.00 kg of K ha-1 and by pruning wood 14.36 kg N, 8.21 kg P and 28.73 kg K ha-1 annually by an orchard yielding 36 ton ha-1 fruit and 10.26 ton ha-1 pruned wood.
Dhatt, A.S., Grewal, G.P.S., Chahil, B.S. and Dhillon, D.S. (1992). REMOVAL OF NPK BY KINNOW MANDARIN AND URMAN BER. Acta Hortic. 321, 541-544
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1992.321.61

Acta Horticulturae