J. Hetman, H. Laskowska
The suitability of herbicides to be applied during production growth of crocus cv. Grand Maitre was studied. The investigations were carried out in the years 1987–90 and the herbicides were applied in two doses. In autumn, the following preparations were used: Afalon (linuron), Azotop (simazine), Buracyl (lenacil), Devrinol 50 WP (napropamide) and Racer (fluorochloridon). In spring Bladex 50 WP (cyanazine), Goldix (metamitron) and Basagran (bentazon) were applied a week before harvest to fascilitate it.

The results obtained indicate that most of the examined preparations can be used. It was that the preparations used in higher doses worked longer and better controlled weeds up to the last stage of crocus cultivation. In autumn, the most successful herbicides were the following: Racer 4 1/ha, Azotop 2.5 kg/ha, Buracyl 2.5 kg/ha and in spring Bladex 50 WP 2 and 3 kg/ha and Goltix 10 kg/ha. The efficiency of Basagran applied a week before bulbs harvesting was low.

In this way the herbicides did not have any negative influence on the total yield in units per 1 m2. A decline of bulb weight in the total yield on plots treated with Bladex 50 WP was observed. The highest crop of marketable bulbs was obtained from plots treated with Racer (fluorochloridon).

Hetman, J. and Laskowska, H. (1992). AN EVALUATION OF HERBICIDES FOR FIELD CULTIVATION OF CROCUS. Acta Hortic. 325, 815-820
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1992.325.120

Acta Horticulturae