H.P. Pasterkamp
The number of lily varieties grown in The Netherlands is large. In the survey of the Commodity Board for Ornamental Plants (oppervlaktestatistiek 1985, 1990) containing the grown area of the varieties for the year 1990/'91 190 varieties are mentioned. Yearly a great number of new varieties are registered and old varieties disappear. Of the varieties mentioned in the survey of 1985 about 44% was no longer mentioned in the survey of 1990. These quick changes show how important it is for bulb and flower producers to know the most important characteristics of the varieties at an early stage to be able to make a justified choice. By testing the characteristics of the varieties, we can inform the producer as well as the consumer. In that way investment in less qualified varieties can be restricted. For the cutflower production especially qualitative plant characteristics in the greenhouse and the durability of these characteristics after harvest are important (Anonymous, 1991).
Pasterkamp, H.P. (1992). QUALITY ASPECTS IN VARIETY TESTING OF LILIES. Acta Hortic. 325, 349-354
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1992.325.45

Acta Horticulturae