J. Krause
In 1989–1991 experiments were carried out to test the possibility of forcing both tulips and lilies together at the same place. Six Asiatic lily cultivars and tulip cv. Apeldoorn were used. Each year bulbs were planted in plastic containers at the beginning of February. Both crops were also forced separately to compare the quality of the cut flowers with that obtained with the method tested.

Growing tulips together with lilies did not reduce the quality of the latter ones. However, the tulips had shorter stems and the fresh weight of the cut flowers was lower than of those in the control. The harvest of tulips occurred when the lilies were several centimeters high and it had to be done more cautiously than in the traditional way of growing.

Planting 5°C tulips together with lilies make it possible to obtain an additional yield of flowers but the method can be recommended mainly for small farms.

Krause, J. (1992). FORCING OF LILIES TOGETHER WITH 5°C TULIPS. Acta Hortic. 325, 373-378
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1992.325.50

Acta Horticulturae