J. van der Meulen-Muisers, J. van Oeveren, J. van Tuyl, H. van Holsteijn
For improving flower longevity of Asiatic lily hybrids by breeding and selection, it is important to investigate the existing genetic variation. To stabilize non-genetic influences on flower longevity as much as possible, standard conditions for selection are desired.

For the development of a standard method for selection for flower longevity several preharvest, harvest and postharvest conditions were tested. To execute experiments under the same conditions year round, Asiatic lily hybrids were also grown under controlled conditions in a growth room.

The influence of growing temperature on flower longevity was minimal. The in practice most optimal constant temperature for lily forcing, 17°C, was chosen as standard. An increase in light intensity (15, 20, 25, 30 W/m2 HPI-T (400 W), during 16 hours) only slightly improved flower longevity in some genotypes tested. Origin and duration of storage of the bulbs hardly influenced the longevity of individual flowers, in spite of the effect on the percentage flowering buds and number of buds per stem.

An increase in the stage of maturity at the time of harvest showed an increase in the percentage flowering buds and therefore of the longevity of the complete stem. The genotypes tested did not show any difference in longevity of the individual flowers when different stages of maturity of the stems were compared. The individual flower therefore seems to be a better criterion than the complete stem for the comparison of flower longevity of different lily genotypes.

35 Genotypes were compared for their flower longevity at three temperatures (14, 17 and 20°C), to determine the most distinctive flowering temperature. At a temperature of 17°C the variation in longevity of the 35 genotypes was most distinctive. Two criteria were used to define end of flower life: loss of turgor and flower deformation. Both criteria were highly correlated but the latter was more practical.

van der Meulen-Muisers, J., van Oeveren, J., van Tuyl, J. and van Holsteijn, H. (1992). EXAMINATION OF CONDITIONS FOR THE SELECTION OF FLOWER LONGEVITY IN LILY BREEDING.. Acta Hortic. 325, 637-642
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1992.325.90

Acta Horticulturae