J. Švarcs
Daffodil selection in Latvia was started in the 1950's and the 60's by Vilis Bleiers. He made use of the varieties which were grown in Latvia at that time, mainly Dutch and English. In one of the spring flower shows at the beginning of the 1970's he had exhibited more than 100 hybrids, and it should be noted that several hybrids could successfully compete with the Dutch varieties 'Grullemans Giant' (1951) 2 W-YYO, 'Mother Catherine Grullemans' (1951) 2 W-WWY, 'Flower Record' (1943) 2 W-OOR, 'Ice Follies' (1953) 2 W-W, 'Barret Browning' (1945) 3 W-WRR, etc., widely grown at that time in our country.

At the present time some hybrids have been preserved at the Botanical Gardens of Latvia Academy of Sciences and the private collection of his daughter. These belong mainly to daffodil Group 2 (large corona) - 'Ritausma' (the Dawn), 'Inga', 'Katrine I', 'Mara', 'Aluksne', and others.

New impetus to daffodil breeding in Latvia was given in the 1970's and the 80's when daffodil breeding was started by Janis Ruksans, Evalds Paupers, Arnis Seisums and Juris Svarcs. Considerable achievements in daffodil breeding have been made by Janis Ruksans and Evalds Paupers. Several of their varieties have been registered with the Royal Horticulture Society in London.

Janis Ruksans has been extremely successful in the creation of large corona daffodils. The following varieties can be mentioned:

'Danute' (1992) 2 W-P (Passionale sdlg. x 'Fragrant Rose')

'Frosty Snow' (1990) 2 W-W (Knowhead x 'Fragrant Rose')

'Lolita' (1992) 2 W-P (Kens Favourite x Duncans sdlg.)

'Pink Shadow' (1992) 2 W-P (Elysian x Accent)

Švarcs, J. (1992). DAFFODIL SELECTION IN LATVIA. Acta Hortic. 325, 663-666
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1992.325.95

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