P. Newton
Increasing numbers of seedlings and young plants are being raised under fluorescent lights in the United Kingdom. An outline is given here of the environmental conditions that are being used, and the reasons why they are being used. Seedlings grown with artificial conditions are usually more robust and can be produced in a shorter period of time than is possible with low levels of natural radiation, and production costs can also be lower if greenhouse heating costs are normally a large part of the cost of seedling production.

Two types of seedlings are being produced, both usually during the winter months, small seedlings in boxes, and comparatively larger seedlings or young plants in soil blocks or individual containers, and as the techniques being used to obtain the two types of seedlings are different, they will be considered separately.

Newton, P. (1973). GROWING-ROOMS. Acta Hortic. 32, 89-96
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1973.32.7