J. Buckle
A randomised, double-blind trial was carried out with Essential Oils of two Lavenders, which were topically applied on post-cardiotomy patients, who were nursed in an Intensive Care Unit, following open-heart surgery. The assessment of the therapeutic effects of Essentials Oils was carried out by evaluating changes in emotional and behavioural stress levels. 28 patients were selected pre-operatively and randomly allocated to Lavender A or Lavender B.

A short questionnaire (based on a modified O'Brian questionnaire) was used to assess physiological and behavioural status. This was completed by the nursing staff both pre and post the intervention. Another questionnaire was completed by the patient. The treatment was repeated on two consecutive days with a follow-up semi-structured interview, carried out by the investigator, several days later.

There was found, on analysis, to be a difference in the therapeutic effects of the two Essential Oils, thereby ruling out massage, touch or placebo as sole contributory factors.

Because of the small numbers of patients, this clinical trial could be the pilot study for a further larger trial.

The two Lavenders used were Lavandula angustifolia, ssp angustifolia, and Lavandula burnatii, Super Clone.

Buckle, J. (1993). AROMATHERAPY - A CLINICAL TRIAL. Acta Hortic. 332, 253-264
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1993.332.33

Acta Horticulturae