F.R. Ferreira, J.R.S. Cabral
Pineapple is an important industry in Brazil. Brazil is also one of the most important centers of genetic diversity of Ananas comosus and its wild relatives. In the last 15 years, a program of exploration and collecting, characterization and evaluation, documentation, preservation and utilization of this diversity has been conducted. The work is being done in the context of the National Agricultural Research System at the National Genetic Resources and Biotechnology Research Center (CENARGEN) located in Brasilia and National Cassava and Tropical Fruit Research Center (CNPMF) located in Cruz das Almas, both belonging to EMBRAPA. More than 500 accessions from several species are now being conserved. Facilities for field conservation have been established in the Pineapple Active Gene Bank at the CNPMF. The project for pineapple germplasm collection, started in 1979 and since 1992 has involved international cooperation with the "Institut de Recherches sur les Fruits et Agrumes" (IRFA), has already begun in the Brazilian Amazon.
Ferreira, F.R. and Cabral, J.R.S. (1993). PINEAPPLE GERMPLASM IN BRAZIL. Acta Hortic. 334, 23-26
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1993.334.1
genetic variability, breeding, varieties

Acta Horticulturae