P. Martin-Prével
Pineapple research and development is coordinated in a number of countries, sharing six major lines of research: breeding; physiology; production systems; crop protection; produce valorization; and transfer of knowledge or technology. A part is conducted in French overseas provinces (mostly Martinique) but national teams in foreign countries are also associated with scientists from CIRAD-FLHOR (formerly CIRAD/IRFA) either under long-term agreements as with Côte d'Ivoire up to 1991, or under short-term contracts (2–4 years) as presently are operating with Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Belgium, and under preparation with various countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. According to the origin and destination of each specific funding, each country conducts program parts orientated towards the solution of its own problems, but also contributes to the progress of the knowledge useful for every other. This pattern is hoped to stimulate for an equal responsibility cooperation at world level in an ISHS Pineapple Working Group as a practical consequency of the present Symposium.
Martin-Prével, P. (1993). NETWORK RESEARCH ON PINEAPPLE IN AND WITH THE CIRAD-FLHOR. Acta Hortic. 334, 467-471
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1993.334.51

Acta Horticulturae