A.I. Mohyuddin, R. Mahmood
In Pakistan fruitflies, (Dacus zonatus and D.dorsalis), scale insects, (Aspidiotus destructor, Lindingaspis ferrisi, Aulacaspis tubercularis, Parlatoria crypta, Coccus hesperidum, C. mangiferae and Pulvinaria psidii), mealybug (Drosicha stebbingi) and mangohoppers (Idioscopus niveosparsus, I. nagpurensis and Amritodus atkinsoni) are serious pests of mango.

Prior to the development of the programme described here pesticides (Dipterex, Nogos; Folidol, Dimecron, Metasystox, etc.) were used for fruitfly control and BHC and DDT for the mango mealybug. Three sprays of pesticides such as Folidol, Monitor, Nogos, etc. were applied for control of mangohoppers. Scale insects became serious pests following the use of pesticides for fruitfly control, because their natural enemies were eliminated.

When fruitflies were controlled by mass trapping of males with methyl eugenol baited traps, not only was fruitflies infestation brought to sub-economic levels, but also scale insects were kept under effective control by their natural enemies.

Control of mango mealybug was achieved by hoeing or ploughing the soil to a depth of 15 cm, three times, between June and December, to destroy diapausing eggs. Additional control was achieved by providing burlap bands on the trees to shelter congregating adults of the predator Sumnius renardi.

Mohyuddin, A.I. and Mahmood, R. (1993). INTEGRATED CONTROL OF MANGO PESTS IN PAKISTAN. Acta Hortic. 341, 467-483
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1993.341.51
Fruitflies, mealybug, scale insects, mangohoppers, cultural and biological control

Acta Horticulturae