D. Lopez, N. Carazo, J. Boadas
Plant growth of four native species of Lavandula has been evaluated in three container media (A: 50% peat, 25% perlite, 25% sand; B: 25% peat, 25% pine bark compost, 25% perlite, 25% sand; C: 50% pine bark compost, 50% sand). One of these media (C) is commonly used by aromatic plant growers.

The physical and chemical caracteristics analyzed in these substrates were: bulk density, total pore space, water released curve, pH, electric conductivity, nutrients and organic matter contents. The water released curve and the pH were similar in the first and second media (A,B).

Plant growth was measured by: plant length, number of mainly and secondary shoots, stem diameter, fresh and dry weight of roots and the aereal part. Although there are not growth differences between substrates in slow development species (L. lannata), growth was quite superior on the peat media than on non peat one in fast development species (different populations of L. stoechas and L. pinnata).

Lopez, D., Carazo, N. and Boadas, J. (1993). GROWTH OF FOUR NATIVE LAVANDULA SPECIES IN DIFFERENT SUBSTRATES. Acta Hortic. 342, 333-338
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1993.342.40

Acta Horticulturae