M. Soliva, D. Villalba, B. Vilarasau, M. Arbiol
Usually there are important problems with the disposal of the different wastes produced in towns. In Castelldefels, near Barcelona, the municipal solid waste and sewage sludges are landfilled in a very big dumping place. This operation taking into account also results expensive. The disposal of a large quantity of urban and particular gardens pruning residues is another problem. Because of low density of these residues their transport result also very expensive.

Some assays for co-composting sewage sludges and pruning residus were done. Different proportions of materials, severl kinds of crushers and mixing systems of the initial products were tested. Aerobic conditions were raised by turning and forced areation. The main problems in the process were the smells, the difficulties of wood materials trituration and homogenization.

Soliva, M., Villalba, D., Vilarasau, B. and Arbiol, M. (1993). CHARACTERIZATION OF COMPOSTED PRUNING MATERIALS FROM URBAN GARDENS.. Acta Hortic. 342, 361-370
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1993.342.44

Acta Horticulturae