S. Udem, . , I.U. Asuzu, S.M. Anika
Some selected plants species namely Annona senegalensis (roots), Harungana madagascariensis (stem bark), Nauclea latifolia (stem bark), Morinda lucida (leaf), Combretum dolicopetalum (root bark), Alstania boonei (bark) were obtained from their local habitats in seasons, dried and pulverised. Selection was made based on known traditional phytotherapy against microbial disease or antiinflammatory component. The dried, powered plant samples were macerated with 95% ethanol overnight and the ethanolic extract concentrated to dryness under reduced pressure. Plant materials which show positive results were subjected to exhaustive gradient solvent extraction in a soxhlet, and concentrated in vacuo with a rotary evaporator. The acute toxicity of the extracts were determined and the appropriate dosage used for the trypanocidal efficacy. Albino cats infected with a known strain of T. b brucei (CT/70/NITR) were treated with the crude extracts. Another group received diminazene aceturate (berenil) as control. Packed cell volume (% PCV), parasitaemia and disappearance of clinical signs were used as parameters to monitor drugs efficacy. The rapid "matching" method of Herbert and Lumsden (1976) was adopted for determining the level of parasitaemia. The results obtained were subjected to ANOVA after logarithmic transformation using a Casio FX - 702P Computerized programme. The critical level of significance was determined at P < 0.05.

The extracts of Morinda Lucida, Combretum dolicopetalum showed significant (P < 0.05) trypanocidal activity at high dosage levels. The extract was most effective when given simultaneously with infection. Both the PCV and clinical symptoms improved after treatment with the extracts. Alstonia boonei extracts appeared to reduce the level of parasitaemia although this was not significant when subjected to ANOVA. The movement of the organisms became sluggish and were clumped together in the extracted groups. The trypanocidal effects of extracts will require further experimentation after fractionation and characterisation using chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques.

Udem, S., , ., Asuzu, I.U. and Anika, S.M. (1993). TRYPANOCIDAL EFFECTS OF SOME TROPICAL PLANT EXTRACTS - A REVIEW.. Acta Hortic. 344, 538-543
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1993.344.62

Acta Horticulturae