J.R. Darby
NSA Plants Limited is a subsidiary company company of the Nuclear Stock Association (NSA). It was set up to undertake the commercial activities of the Association, in particular the development of new varieties of fruit. Members of NSA Plants Ltd. come from the three participating Associations; NSA, NSA (Tree Fruits), and the Scottish NSA. These Associations are cooperatives of plant raisers and fruit growers with a mutual interest in ensuring the production of planting stock.

The objectives of NSA Plants are 1) to provide a complete professional service through which new varieties of fruit may be commercially developed to their full potential, 2) to earn funds to contribute to the running of the Association and to those research programs relevant to the production of new varieties and healthy growing stock, and 3) to facilitate the pooling of resources between members to participate in, and benefit from, commercial projects which would not be feasible or profitable for individuals.

In the operation of NSA Plants, developement of each variety is the responsibility of a consortium set up from company members specifically for that variety. Consortia are formed from members with the resources relevant to the needs of each variety. External experts also may be called upon to join the consortia, e.g., Marketing Consultants, Plant Breeders, etc.

NSA Plants provides: Plant Variety Rights servicing through a network of reputable international patent agents; Head license/Sub-license facilities; royalty collection; production of high healthy grade stocks through the Ministry's certification scheme (PHPS); disease indexing in conjunction with IMR and SCRI; and an established marketing network within the UK and the EEC.

Darby, J.R. (1993). NSA PLANTS LIMITED. Acta Hortic. 348, 272-272
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1993.348.47

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