F. Alvisi
Average world production of unshelled hazelnut amounts to about 500 000–600 000 tonnes a year and is mainly concentrated in four countries, namely Turkey with 350 000 to 400 000 tonnes, Italy with 110 000 to 120 000 tonnes, Spain with 20 000 to 23 000 tonnes and the United States with 17 000 to 20 000 tonnes. The increase in supply, which was particularly rapid during the seventies, has considerably diminished over the last ten years. Annual supply, however, is characterized by considerable variations, especially with respect to Turkish production. Demand, which sensibly increased between 1960 and 1980, now seems to have stably levelled out at around 450 000 tonnes a year, of which less than one third is accounted for by the producing countries.

World exports amount to about 350 000 tonnes of equivalent unshelled product, 75% of which is supplied by Turkey.

The most important import markets are those comprised within the EEC, which account for about 64% of world imports. The main importer in the world is Germany, with 65 000 tonnes a year.

With regards future prospects, it is important to note that Turkey practically dominates the world market and is capable of exporting the product at highly competitive prices. This has consequently led to a crisis in Italian production, which has been further aggravated by the fact that a large portion of the Italian output has not been suitably adapted to the specific technological requirements of the sweet and candy industry.

Alvisi, F. (1994). SITUAZIONE ATTUALE E PROSPETTIVE PER LA NOCCIOLA. Acta Hortic. 351, 131-158
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1994.351.14

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