G. Mozzone, S. Pellegrino, R. Pio, G. Griseri, P. Fenoglio
The Piedmontese hazelnut industry occupies a territory of 2 070 square kilometers in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria. There are four "Centri di Assistenza Tecnica" (Centers for Technical Assistance), operated by the "Organizzazioni Professionali Agricole" (Professional Agricultural Organizations) and the "Comunità Montana 'Alta Langa Montana'" (Extension Agency for the Langhe district), located near the important areas of production. These Centers provide basic technical information and consulting to the growers. An "Associazione Produttori Corilicoli", ASPROCOR, (Hazelnut Producers Association) was formed in 1991 in order to actively promote Piedmontese hazelnuts in the marketplace and to coordinate extension work in this sector.

As a result of this coodinated effort, problems worthy of experimental investigation have been identified. The technical service of the ASPROCOR is collaborating with University and Regional researchers in order to obtain appropriate solutions and to quickly and accurately disseminate the results.

Continuous updating and further collaboration with the Agiculture Faculty of the University of Torino and the "Servizio Sperimentazione e Lotta Fitosanitaria" (Plant Protection and Experimentation Service) of the Piemonte Region will futher improve technical consulting capacity and coordinating ability of the AS.PRO.COR.

Mozzone, G., Pellegrino, S., Pio, R., Griseri, G. and Fenoglio, P. (1994). COORDINATION OF THE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE FOR HAZELNUT IN PIEMONTE. Acta Hortic. 351, 159-168
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1994.351.15

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