F. Villeneuve, J. Bosc, C. Luneau
With a view to improving quaity of cold-stored carrots, a study was carried out to determine the effect of several factors (variety, duration of vegetative cycle, harvesting conditions,) and techniques (preparation for storage, type of refrigeration).

Testing was conducted in a cold room characterized either by a moist cold atmosphere (1.5°C, Relative Humidity 97–98%, Ventilation: 6,500 m3/hr) or conventional cold storage conditiond (1°C, deltat = 5°C, Relative Humidity 90–95%, ventilation: 7,800 m3/hr). The samples were stored o wood trays containinc 10 kg of carrots, with a polyethylene overwrapping. Upon removal from storage, the weight loss, sanitary condition, vegetative activity, color and soluble dry matter content were observed.

  • Varietal factor: A study of the behavior of 15 cultivasr in conventional cold storage revealed differences with respect to sanitary condition, resumption of vegetative activity (new leaves, new roots), occurence of diesease, and the content of soluble dry matter.
  • Duration of vegetative cycle: For carrots placed in cold moist storage on the day of harvest, early sowing dates were more oftensubject to rotting (primarily due to Mycocentrospora acerina) and also showed an increased level of soluble dry matter.
  • Harvesting conditions: The rainfall for the period preceding harvesting affects stability in cold moist storage: there is a positive correlation betwen the cumulative rainfall during the seven days prior to harvest and the occurence of rotting upon removal from storage.
  • Preparation for storage: For a storage duration (moist cold atmosphere) of 125 days, ventilation at 10°C for four days following harvest led to a reduced frequency of occurence of Mycocentrospora acerina. This was not true for a longer storage period (175 days). Ventilation as stated also limited the growth of new leaves and roots.

These observations are the basis for a more fine-tuned approach to carrot preparation for storage, which i turn will result in products appealing to the consumer.

Villeneuve, F., Bosc, J. and Luneau, C. (1994). LA CONSERVATIONS EN CHAMBRE FROIDE : ETUDE DE QUELQUES FACTEURS. Acta Hortic. 354, 221-232
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1994.354.23

Acta Horticulturae