M. Benlloch, L. Marin, R. Fernández-Escobar
The response of 26 olive varieties to an excess of sodium chloride in the growing medium, was evaluated using mist-rooted olive cuttings growing in 1-liter pots and pruned to a single shoot. Treated plants were watered with a nutrient solution and once a week with 250 ml of a solution 100 mM NaCl. Control plants received the same treatment without the addition of NaCl. The experiment lasted 50 days for the more sensitive varieties and 90 days for the more tolerant ones. Based on periodical determination of shoot growth, leaf Na and K content, and K/Na ratio, we classified the olive varieties studied in a) sensitive: 5 varieties, including 'Pajarero' and 'Chetoui'; b) moderately tolerant: 14 varieties, including 'Manzanillo', 'Gordal' and 'Hojiblanca'; and c) tolerant: 7 varieties, including 'Lechin de Sevilla' and 'Picual'.
Benlloch, M., Marin, L. and Fernández-Escobar, R. (1994). SALT TOLERANCE OF VARIOUS OLIVE VARIETIES. Acta Hortic. 356, 215-217
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1994.356.46
Olea europaea, salinity, sodium chloride

Acta Horticulturae