V.V. Bianco, G. Damato, A. Girardi
Two experiments on Florence fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill. var. azoricum Thell.) crop were carried out to examine the effect of plant-cutting time (at maturity of 'crown', 7 and 14 days after or 14 and 28 days after) and the effect on plant-cutting of plants grown at three plant densities (5.0; 2.5 and 1.7 plants m-2) sown in August and September on seed yield and quality. In the first experiment (plant-cutting time) the response was different year by year, in the first year no differences were registered with 'crown' cutting compared to the control while in the second year the seed yield was higher in the control and during the third year, when the cutting took place 7 and 14 days after the harvest date, the seed production was lower. Three pickings were made in the first year and the seeds were graded in two classes: large and small. Earlier seed-maturing, 'seed' from the control, and small 'seed' showed higher germination percentage and germination value (according to Diavanshir and Pourbeik formula). In the second and third year no difference among test and other treatments were observed. In the second experiment (sowing dates, plant density and plant-cutting), the crop sown on September flowered 14 days after the crop sown on August, and 'crown' cutting postponed flowering by 9 days. Seed yield decreased with second sowing date and with 'crown' cutting. Differences were noted among density in the following characters: plant height at flowering of primary umbel, number of stem and umbel per plant, yield per plant and per hectar. 'Crown' cutting reduced germination percentage and on the first sowing date increased the time to reach 25, 50, 75, and 95% of the final germination. However germination percentage of plant-cutting increased while increasing plant density.
Bianco, V.V., Damato, G. and Girardi, A. (1994). SOWING DATES, PLANT DENSITY AND 'CROWN' CUTTING ON YIELD AND QUALITY OF FLORENCE FENNEL "SEED". Acta Hortic. 362, 59-66
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1994.362.6
Florence fennel, sowing date, plant density, cutting-plant, seed yield

Acta Horticulturae