F. Gorini, G. Borinelli, L. Uncini
The purpose of the study was to determine the quality of lettuce and endive at the end of marketing involving a period of three days at 7°C (transport period) and three days at 10°C or 18°C (selling period).

The test was carried out on six lettuce cultivars: Mesa, Great Lakes 54, Great Lakes 118, Great Lakes 659, Osvego and Trocadero and on four of endive: Bionda degli Ortolani, Gigante degli Ortolani, Bubikopf no. 1 and Bubikopf no. 2, subjecting the heads to different precooling and packaging methods.

Precooling was carried out by 1) hydrocooling, 2) vacuum cooling, and 3) air fast method with the heads moistened or dry, while packaging included arrangement of the heads a) in polythene bags before or b) after precooling in air or vacuum, c) covering the crate with a large bag, or d) leaving the heads bare.

In the case of endive the best results were obtained with Gigante degli Ortolani, while Osvego and Great Lakes 659 lettuce were the best. The Mesa lettuce cultivar and the Bubikopf no. 1 endive cultivar gave the poorest results.

As for precooling, the results indicate in general a better marketing quality of salads precooled under vacuum. Hydrocooling and dampening of the heads

Gorini, F., Borinelli, G. and Uncini, L. (1974). SOME TRIALS OF SALAD PRECOOLING. Acta Hortic. 38, 465-490
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1974.38.37

Acta Horticulturae